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Locally… leaders in the design, upgrade and repair of marine and waterfront facilities.
Internationally… specialists in the planning and design of seawater intakes and outlets, and ocean outfall structures.

Our services include:


Triton applies innovative investigation technologies and experience to assist clients in the technical and financial planning of a wide variety of projects.  Planning services include:

  • Site reconnaissance and data acquisition
  • Coordination and management of field surveys and geotechnical investigations
  • Site screening studies
  • Feasibility studies and preliminary design
  • Construction planning, scheduling, and cost estimates
  • Coordination of permitting activities


The experience that Triton’s principals have accumulated on a diverse range of projects enables the firm to provide unique technical support and engineering advice to clients.  Consulting services include:

  • Review of projects at concept level and input into feasibility studies
  • Technical input into the planning of marine and offshore field investigations
  • Peer review of designs for marine based projects including ocean intakes and outfalls
  • Review of technical data and performance specifications for specialized materials of construction including engineering plastics and composites
  • Value engineering

Engineering Design

Triton provides quality design services with an emphasis on providing solutions for marine, waterfront and underwater projects.  Design and analysis expertise includes:

  • Finite element analysis
  • Vessel mooring analysis and design of mooring facilities
  • Component design using high-performance plastics
  • Structural design using steel, concrete, and timber
  • Foundation design – including piling.

Design Build Process

In many instances, it is more efficient and cost-effective to develop a facility on a design-build basis.  Triton, as the designer, recognizes the needs of both client and contractor and has participated in numerous successful projects for the U.S. Navy, and private shipyards and boatyards.  Our input into the design-build process includes:

  • Review and interpretation of performance specifications
  • Development and refinement of design criteria and parameters
  • Preliminary design for bid
  • Coordination of field investigations and surveys
  • Preparation of submittals
  • Design of temporary and permanent works
  • Field inspections and supervision
  • Close-out reports and as-built drawings

Installation Engineering

The successful deployment and installation of complex facilities and structures in a marine or offshore environment requires careful planning and engineering skills.  Triton’s exptertise includes:

  • Interpretation and evaluation of site environmental and geotechnical conditions
  • Determination of resources for installation and construction of facilities
  • Preparation of detailed procedures for transportation and installation of sub-sea structures and pipelines
  • Design of aids to installation including padeyes and rigging
  • Design of floatation devices and equipment for controlled sinking of pipelines and structures


Triton’s quality assurance programs extend beyond the office and include condition surveys of existing facilites as well as inspection and supervision of new construction.  Services and capabilities include:

  • Detailed inspection of underwater structures including piers, bulkheads, and pipelines
  • Coordination of diver inspections including NDT
  • Evaluation of sites for new construction including coordination of surveys and geotechnical investigations
  • Inspection of steel fabrication
  • Coordination of materials testing
  • General inspection and supervision of construction activities